Thursday, July 27, 2006

A plug for myself...

So I have my main site which is ,but I also have a smaller, more niche specific site at

The smaller site is fairly new(only been around a few months) but it has already accumulated several thousand pics and lots of video clips. A lot of the pics are along the lines of my usual glamour type style. Start out in something skimpy and tight, show off every curve while slowly stripping down to nothing but my birthday suit :D I have also begun to incorporate a lot more Breast Fetish type activities. More breast play, messy breast play, oil and lotion on my boobies, nipple pulling, self-sucking and lots of motion videos where I make sure that you see exactly how my HHH breasts naturally move while bouncing, dancing, jumping and excercising. If you love big breasts (especially extremely top-heavy BBWS) this is the site for you!

Check It Out!

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