Saturday, July 29, 2006

So much fun, a joke and my thoughts on pornography...

I have so much fun with this job...I have been able to meet some of the coolest people. I also have a lot of friends in this business that I havent met yet but would like to one day! Modeling is just fun for me. People ask me all the time about why I do this. I think a lot of people cant imagine dealing with family etc who might find out. I dont feel like I am doing anything wrong. I am just open enough to share my sexuality via the internet. You definitely have to be concious of the fact that people might find out you get naked online. My mother found out by clicking a link and while she is totally understanding NOW, at first it was a dramatic and emotional ordeal for both of us.

If you arent willing to deal with those things then this job is not for you. I have it doubly bad because I have been printed so many times in magazines that it greatly increases the chances that someone could spot me. Magazines tend to hang around for a lot longer than a web site, its definitely a concern. Add to that the fact that my photos are now being used to sell phone sex in the back of Plumpers mag, and the likelihood someone will recognize me goes up even more. I dont need any conservative Christian PTA moms knowing that I do this. I have to live in this community and that is my biggest fear.

Still, even after all the concerns, I LOVE this job!

I like to dress up and look pretty. I like to be the princess for the duration of a photo shoot. It is my fantasy world and I love playing in that world!
I cannot even fathom quitting this. Some days I get frustrated and sometimes it is an overwhelming amount of work but I want to be doing this for a long time to come :) Im not going away yet ;)

Now for the joke...

While on holiday in Kenya and walking through the bush a man comes
across an elephant standing with one leg raised in the air. The
elephant seems distressed so the man approaches very carefully. He
gets down on one knee and inspects the bottom of the elephant's foot
only to find a large thorn deeply embedded.

As carefully and as gently as he can he removes the thorn and the
elephant gingerly puts its foot down. The elephant turns to face the
man and with a rather stern look on its face, stares at him. For a good
ten minutes the man stands frozen - thinking of nothing else but being
trampled. Eventually the elephant turns and walks away.

For years after, the man often remembers and ponders the events of
That day.

Years later the man is walking through the zoo with his son. As they
approach the elephant enclosure, one of the elephants turns and walks
over to where they are standing at the rail. It stares at him and the
Man can't help wondering if this is the same elephant.

The man climbs tentatively over the railing and makes his way into the
enclosure. He walks right up to the elephant and stares back in
wonder. Suddenly the elephant wraps its trunk around one of the man's
legs and swings him wildly back and forth along the railing, instantly
Killing him.

Probably not the same elephant then.

"Ya, prolly not, hehehe" :)

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