Friday, August 04, 2006

I lust Sweet Vixen!

I am totally in love with Sweet Vixen... not only is she a friend and a wonderful girl but she is just so hot it makes my eyes water! I mean talk about the whole BBW package! Boobs for days, a beautiful belly, gorgeous legs and the most beautiful face :) We have an ongoing girl lust for each other that I hope will be realized someday *giggle*
She has also been on the web for something like 5 years and has tons and tons of content from softcore all the way to hardcore. She is also one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. She really strives hard to make her website members happy and really, isnt that what it is all about?

Man this last pic just slays me! How hot is that! Only thing that would make it hotter is if I was there with her *sigh* Go check Vix out at her site I guarantee you wont be dissapointed and will get a real site made and run by a real girl who loves to interact with her members and fans. I loves me some Sweet Vixen!!!

Thanks to Vix for sending me these pics and letting me feature her!
Tomorrow I am featuring a model of hers name Kourtney who has a truly impressive rack on
a very curvy and beautiful SSBBW bod! Stay tuned for that ;)


Anonymous said...

Vix is a beautiful girl, Angel. I've admired her for a while now. :)

BBWAngelgirl said...

Yes she definitely is! I love her to death! :D