Friday, September 02, 2005

Sadness over Kat...

I am cross posting this from my members area journal in the hopes that some will reach into their hearts and pockets to help!

Im feeling so sick about katrina and everything that has come along with it! Kinda feels like we live in a third world country right now. Our own people are dying on our own streets while our most qualified soldiers are busy dying overseas for something that I am not even sure exists. Its all so confusing to me... they drop food and water to people in iraq and babies and elderly people are dying in the streets of New Orleans! I feel so helpless. I am trying to stay busy with site work to keep my mind off the horror of everything. I have to admit though that I am sneaking to watch the news and even now I am listening to a lousiana police scanner online *sigh* If you want to listen here is the link

I encourage everyone to do what they can... if you can send $5 please do it, if you can send more then great but everything helps! Here is a donate link for the red cross

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