Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Voluptuous has always been a favorite of mine!

I have really liked Voluptuous and all of the score groups magazines for a long time. I have had the opportunity to work with them and was published in XL Girls a couple of years ago, they are really great! Not only are they great to work with from a models point of view, but they also manage to get THE most beautiful girls in the world to pose for them. They have me salivating on a regular basis. Even though voluptuous tends to focus on thinner girls with large breasts, there are still the beautiful plumpers and BBW's who manage to grace the pages.

Kerry Marie has some kick ass boobies!
I think Susie Wilden looks absolutely and deliciously slutty here, very sexy!And this is Sam Spriggs who is new to me but my new volup favorite! I love girls who can pull off the innocent yet sexy and playful look. Thats a total turn on and Sam does it for me! How could you deny that sweet face ;) *drool*
Check out for more of these beauties plus literally hundreds more that are just as stacked and just as beautiful as these! Its definitely a bounty of breasts! :D

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Anonymous said...

I used to subscribe to Plumpers until I found out (I had always been suspect) that they were making up many of their interviews. I knew it, there was no way that all those girls were constantly horny and all wanted anal sex 24/7 as their interviews stated. Anyway, I'm a lucky man as my wife just got me a Voluptuous sub for Xmas, though I'll still grab VXL from the newstands. I'm a butt and thigh man myself so I did like how Plumpers would have some more pear-shaped girls, but the over-all print quality and the girls themselves are usually better looking in V-mag - such as the cute Angelgirl! Keep up the good work....